About the business

dunnhumby is a world leader in uncovering and applying customer insight to create more personalised retail experiences. Wholly owned by Tesco,they work with retailers and brands on a global scale,analysing data from nearly 1 billion customers across 75+ countries.

dunnhumby helps Tesco and our suppliers to make strategic vwin彩票游戏decisions based on customer behaviour,thereby providing more value and loyalty-building experiences.Their insights help us stock the right products,optimise prices,run relevant promotions and communicate personalised offers for customers across all contact channels.

dunnhumby employs more than 2,000 people in 30 offices throughout Europe,Asia and the Americas and works with a prestigious group of companies including Procter & Gamble,Coca-Cola,PepsiCo and Monoprix.The dunnhumby Group includes programmatic display advertising company Sociomantic.

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