Poland is our largest Central European market,with nearly 400 stores and more than 22,000 employees,serving more than 5 million customers per week.

We entered the market through the acquisition of 31 Savia stores in 1996 as part of our plan to expand in Central Europe,and since that time we've launched a number of Tesco services for our Polish customers.

Poland was the first market in Central Europe to see the launch of Clubcard.In July 2012 we launched our grocery home shopping service - Tesco Ezakupy.Currently,the service is available in 10 regions of Poland.Tesco customers can order groceries directly to their homes or collect the orders in person using our Click & Collect service.

We work with over 1,000 Polish suppliers to stock our stores.Our Polish food has become so popular that we even stock it in hundreds of UK supermarkets,further benefiting our suppliers.Tesco Poland won the 'Benefactor of the Year' award in June 2018 for our mature and consistent CSR strategy,supporting local communities,participating in projects tackling food waste and food surplus donation,and promoting knowledge about healthy food nutrition among children.

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