Great news for parents as more than half of Tesco's top 10 toys this Christmas will be under £15

18 OCT 2018

There's great news for parents and carers looking out for toy gift ideas ahead of Christmas.

Toy experts at Tesco have given their opinions on what they consider will be the ‘must have' presents this year and more than half of them are under £15.

One of the most popular is set to be the Fingerlings Panda,它包裹着你的手指,通过发出各种各样的声音和动作来对声音和触摸做出反应。

There's also a hilarious game for younger children called Donk A Dino,which involves whacking dinosaurs in order to gain points.

当然,no Christmas list is complete without LEGO and this year they are there with Fantastic Beasts,featuring a wizard called Newt Scamander and other creatures.

And there's even a pooping unicorn game that will have younger children screaming with delight!

父母会很高兴听到另一个玩具,这可能在很多孩子的名单上居高不下,is part of the unravelling toy sensation L.O.L.而且只要11英镑。

L.O.L has been among the most popular toy brands in the last few years and Tesco has got its hands on an exclusive called Bling Surprise which features seven toys.

乐购玩具类别经理John Hext说:

"Choosing the right toy for your youngster at Christmas can be a hard task,so we want to give parents a helping hand.


“今年,根据全年的玩具购买趋势,our experts predict there will be a return to basics with more all family-inclusive games creating play value and helping to provide lots of fun.



Note to editors:




L.O.L.惊喜!Bling Series Dolls offer multiple layers of surprise and a whole new look to your doll and accessories.每一层都会显示出你将要得到的“流光溢彩”玩偶的暗示!这个玩具有七个惊喜!

Fingerlings Panda - £15


Polly is a baby Fingerlings panda who is curious about the world around her and loves to grab onto things,尤其是你的手指!She also responds to noise,motion and touch in all kinds of sweet and comical ways.



Make the magical unicorn poop with Poopsie Slime Surprise!With a little unicorn magic and sparkle,you can customize unicorn poop and transform it multiple times!包括10个神奇惊喜!

Carousel - Donk A Dino - £14


球员们必须做恐龙,有闪烁的灯光和声音,with a mallet to get points and win the game!


This clever Lego set builds as a suitcase but opens up to reveal the secret world of Newt Scamander and his Magical Creatures.Featuring four mini figures including Newt,雅各伯Tina,以及影片中的五个神话人物。



Put on the crown then load the dangling forks with various food.Ready?The crown will spin and play music – and the challenge begins.Players try to bite off the food without using their hands,目标是在音乐停止前把它们全部吃掉。

Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Batman™ Ooze Pit - £30

Can Batman defeat this extra-powerful Ra's al Ghul?  Includes Batman and Ra's al Ghul figures,软泥罐可重复使用的软泥and 2 weapon accessories.



With enough track pieces to make 11 different formations,this 60-piece train set brings versatility to the playroom.Kids can even flip the track over to transform it into a road that can be used with wooden cars and vehicles in the Carousel toy series.

Lego City Fire Station - £85

This set has two garages and a firehouse with three floors and a fire pole.It includes the fire chief's car,fire truck with cherry picker,直升机和热狗架,and comes with six mini figures.

Treasure X - £10

Join the ultimate treasure hunt with Treasure X!Search for real gold through layer after layer of pirate adventure with this surprise-reveal collectible.



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