At last – no fuss avocado that easily pulls away from its skin launched in UK

13 Sep 2018

It's one of the messiest and potentially dangerous kitchen chores – slicing and scooping out the flesh from an avocado.

But at last help is at hand – Tesco is exclusively launching the world's first ever avocado that easily pulls away from its skin once cut in half.

The fruit,EasyAvo,is grown in South Africa and will go on sale tomorrow in an initial trial to gauge its popularity.

It should go some way to help the growing number of Brits who reportedly suffer ‘avocado hand' after cutting themselves accidentally when opening the fruit.

Tesco avocado buyer Laura Marsden Payne said:

"Last year customers bought nearly 60 million avocados from us,so we're sure that this fantastic avocado will minimalise fuss and make life a little bit easier."

The EasyAvo,developed by key Tesco supplier Westfalia Fruit,is a naturally grown hybrid of different avocado varieties.

The variety was brought to the UK by Tesco's regional sourcing team,在源头上与种植者密切合作。

It has a thicker and corkier consistency to its skin,which gives it an almost shell-like appearance when compared to other popular varieties like Fuerte and Hass.

Laura Marsden Payne explained:

"As the fruit ripens and moisture loss occurs in the process,the thicker,corkier skin separates more easily from the fruit flesh,compared to the thinner and more pliable skin of a Fuerte or Hass."

This is the first year that growers have produced enough to support a trial,and quantity will be limited.

The EasyAvo is a premium,extra large,ready to eat avocado with rich,creamy flesh.It costs £1.95 and is available in selected stores for a limited time only from today,9月13日。



Tesco has a strong record for launching avocado innovation and in the last five years it has brought to UK stores:

  • The Avozilla– the world's largest avocado which is roughly five times the size of the regular fruit
  • Frozen Avocado Sliceswhich help householders cut down on food waste
  • Zilla Eggs– Mini snack sized portion avocados which were sold in egg boxes
  • TheGEM®avocadowhich has eye-catching,天然的金黄色斑点在它的外皮上,比普通品种有更光滑和奶油味。
  • New avocado packaging which offers customers up to an extra two days shelf life

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